There are about 150,000 square miles of inaccessible territory in northern British Columbia alone. As you can imagine, there are hundreds of pristine lakes and rivers to explore! Whether you are hauling supplies, surveying, or planning your next outdoor adventure we offer charter flights throughout British Columbia and the Yukon. We know the geography of British Columbia like our own backyard. We can fly you out for unguided canoeing, kayaking, rafting and hiking adventures. Experience the true frontier of B.C. – embark on a multi-day trip. If fishing is more your thing, naturally, inaccessible lakes and streams contain a great number of fish. If you prefer a wilderness cabin, we will be happy to make arrangements for you. Additionally you will experience great scenery and solitude. We offer daily fly-in & fly-outs or we can make arrangements for multi-day trips. For rules, rates and charges please view our Domestic Tariff or send us an email.


Need some inspiration? As we mentioned, there are countless remote places to explore! Below are a few of our suggestions for unguided trips in northern British Columbia’s wilderness!

Island Lake Cabin Rental

Rental / Accommodation

$300 per day / Sleeps 4 adults


$1430 + GST (Cessna 185) / $3120 + GST (Cessna Caravan)

Cabin is available from June to the end of September. It’s a 30-minute flight departing from Tyhee Lake. Flight costs above are total for drop off and pick up. The cabin is fully equipt, just need to bring food and sleeping bag(s). Secluded lake, no road access surrounded by forested hills and rocky cliffs. Activities could include fishing, swimming, canoeing, exploring nature, photography. Wildlife includes bears, beavers, moose and a variety of bird species. Enjoy a truly Canadian experience!

Drift Lake Cabin Rental

Rental / Accommodation

Free / Sleeps 2 adults


$2000 + GST (Cessna 185)

Cabin is available from June to the end of September. It’s a 60-minute flight departing from Tyhee Lake. Flight costs above are total for drop off and pick up. The cabin is basic, but clean. Also has a shower house. Bring your own camping gear and food. Very scenic lake dotted with little islands. Completely secluded with no road access. Activities include canoeing, great fishing and exploring nature. Wildlife includes bears, beavers, moose and a variety of bird species.

Stikine River Canoe


8-10 days


$1300 + GST (Cessna 206)

Flight duration is 50 minutes. Flight costs above are total for one drop off and includes the $100 fee for external load of one canoe. Experience great solitude while paddling through some of the most beautiful, wild country on the planet. Spatsizi Wilderness Plateau is a place known as the Serengeti of the North for its abundance of big game. This is one of the most popular paddling trips in northern British Columbia!

Spectrum Range Hike


3-5 days


$1120 + GST (Cessna 206)

All flights depart from Kluachon Lake. Flight duration for both drop off and pick up is 15-20 minutes. Flight costs above are total for drop off and pick up. We will drop you off at Little Ball Lake and pick you up at Mowdade Lake. Spectrum Range is truly magnificent! You’ll be surrounded by colourful and richly mineralized ridgelines and mountains. Truly an unforgettable journey in one of British Columbia’s best kept secrets!

Cold Fish Lake Day Hikes

Rental / Accommodation

$20 per night per person (costs vary) / 6 cabins


$1500 + GST (Cessna 206)

Flight duration is 30 minutes departing from Kluachon Lake. Flight costs above are total for one drop off and pick up. Cold Fish Lake is located within Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Provincial Park. This destination is perfect for canoeing or day hikes. All cabins are on a first-come, first-served basis. Fees for utilizing the cabins are: $20/night/person, and $35/family/night (Family rate applies to parents accompanied by their children under the age of 16). There is a fee of $10/night/person for those who camp at Cold Fish Lake in their own tent, but would like to use the facilities (Cook House and Shower). For more information please visit BC Parks.


Bulkley Valley Tour

$100 per person / 25 minutes / minimum 2 passengers

Departing from Tyhee Lake, you have two routes to choose from: Hudson Bay Mountain or Babine Mountains.

The Hudson Bay Mountain tour will give you a close up look at the two glaciers on the northeast slope. We will pass by the summit and ski area. Most of the time we are lucky enough to spot mountain goats on the slope and moose in the meadows surrounding the lakes.

On our way up to the peaks of the Babine Mountain range we will be able to spot mountain goats along some of the vertical cliffs. As we cruise along the summit we will enjoy the unrestricted view towards Babine Lake and on clear days all the way north to the Sicintine Range. We will pass over Two Bridge Lake on our way back to Tyhee.


Bush Pilot Tour

$220 per person / 75 minutes / minimum 2 passengers

A twenty-five minute flight from Tyhee Lake will take you across forest covered hills and green meadows to one of two pristine glacier lakes at the foot of the 8000-foot Howson Range. After a half-hour stay at the shore you will experience one of the most spectacular glacier tours imaginable, six glaciers up close in unforgettable fashion before we cruise home to Tyhee Lake.


3 Lakes Tour

$380 per person / 105 minutes / minimum 2 passengers

From Tyhee Lake we fly southwest over the Telkwa Range towards the coast mountains. Our first stop is Nanika Lake with its snowcapped mountains reflecting in the crystal clear water. No signs of human activity anywhere! A little while later we take off again and fly north along the spectacular hanging glaciers of Atna Peak. There we start our descend into a most peaceful valley, with a emerald green, spruce flanked river, winding its path through lush green meadows. After we take pictures of one of the most scenic places anywhere we fly north and land fifteen minutes later on upper Burnie Lake. After a short visit to the rocky shore we take off and climb to 9000 feet. You will be thrilled with our very popular six glacier tour before we land again back at our home base.


Spectrum Range Tour

$600 per tour / 35 minutes / maximum 3 passengers

The Spectrum Range is the southern part of the Mount Edziza complex. It got formed during one of the earlier eruption period. It is in our mind one of the best kept secrets. It’s vivid colours, yellow to orange to bright red is very unique in a volcanic landscape.

Departing Kluachon Lake, we will be climbing south west across Kinaskan Lake and Mowdade Lake. After crossing a pass north of Little Ball Lake, the grand beauty of the Spectrum Range will be revealed. We will be rewarded with a unforgettable panorama, the rugged, snow capped coastal range to the west, deep valleys with flat plateaus to the north west and the majestic Mount Edziza to the north. Our way back, we will be able to see mountain goats on the hills above timber line.


Mount Edziza Tour

$600 per tour / 35 minutes / maximum 3 passengers

Mount Edziza it a large, complex, ice covered stratovolcano over a million years old. It’s history covers five eruptions periods, the latest only about 1000 years ago.

The Edziza tour departs from Kluachon Lake. During the steep climb we will be able to spot mountain goats and perhaps grizzlies and sheep as well. After a while, the spectacular, ice covered summit will come into view and we will fly over a moonscape like lava field, around the “Eve Cone” which got shaped during the most recent eruption period. After crossing the large ice fields to the west and south of Edziza, we start a gradual decent across Mowdade Lake and the north end of the pictures Kinaskan Lake before we touch down at Tatogga.


Spectrum + Mount Edziza Tour

$800 per tour / 55 minutes / maximum 3 passengers

If it is hard for you to choose between the two, both very beautiful but uniquely different, this one is for you. It covers the entire Mount Edziza complex from its northern moonscape like landscape, to the glaciers and the spectacular colours of the Spectrum Range.




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